Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month

Coast 93.3 and Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers present the Officer of the Month. We’re proud to honor these officers with the support of  Emerald Coast Harley Davidson.

September Officer of the Month

On March 24th, a medical emergency call came in advising an elderly man was possibly having a heart.  Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy TavishFrederick was first on scene and noticed the victim’s face was purple, he wasn’t breathing and had no pulse.  A family member was administering CPR and Deputy Frederick attached his Automated External Defibrillator (AED).  Deputy Frederick took over CPR and advised a family member to arch the victim’s head to open his airway.  When EMS arrived on scene and took over, Deputy Frederick began interviewing family members who said the victim began to choke while eating and he went unconscious and CPR was immediately started.  EMS transported the male to Destin ER who reported that he was breathing on his own and expected to survive.

For taking immediate action and helping a victim survive, OCSO Deputy Tavish Frederick is our Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month, sponsored by Emerald Coast Harley Davidson and Coast 93.3.

August Officer of the Month

Earlier this year, Okaloosa County Sheriff Deputy John Duenas assisted members of the OCSO Street Crimes Unit with a high risk arrest warrant at a residence in the central part of Okaloosa county. Deputy Duenas and K9 Axel’s work in detecting illegal narcotics in a vehicle at the residence helped lead to a search warrant which was executed on the vehicle resulting in the seizure of 97 grams of Methamphetamine, 4 grams of Heroin, 1 gram of Fentanyl, 4 pounds of Marijuana and numerous items of drug paraphernalia.

The teamwork of Deputy Duenas and K9 Axel undoubtedly prevented a potentially fatal combination of narcotics from reaching the streets of Okaloosa County. Congratulations to team of Deputy Duenas and K9 Axel, , our Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month.


July Officer of the Month

Walton County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Joseph Paul, better known as JP around the office.  As an investigator, JP has had the pleasure to work hand in hand with Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers. One of the most notable was the identification and arrest of Mark Mitchell.  Through JPs work, it was determined Mitchell,  had terrorized the South Walton and Destin area, burglarizing high end homes over 2 plus years, totaling more than a quarter million dollars of jewelry and cash. By working with neighboring agencies, and the US Attorney’s Office, Mark Mitchell, ended up behind bars for the next 20 years in federal prison.

While this is just one example of Investor Paul’s performance, he approaches every case, big or small, with the same vigilance. Congratulations to Investigator Joseph Paul from Walton County Sheriff’s Office, our Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month.


June Officer of the Month

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Sergeant Michael Rader was assigned to the Special Operations Division Street Crimes Unit in December 2016. His job was to prepare a team with training, research, and equipment and forming operating procedures. By June of 2017, the division was fully staff and in the first six months of existence, the unit had a noticeable impact in the county with over 200 arrests and seizure of dangerous drugs, guns and cash.

Sergeant Rader also coordinated information sharing, allowing other police agencies to work together to fight street level criminal activity in our communities. This effort has led to the formation of a Joint Task Force concentrating on the criminal element who don’t recognize borders.  Sergeant Mike Rader is an exemplary leader and was named Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Supervisor of the Year for 2017.


May Officer of the Month

Crestview Police Officer Wanda Hulion is a grandmother of five and one of the community’s most familiar faces.  As a community Services officer, she’s seen supervising school zones, training civilian volunteers, co-instructing the Citizens Police and Youth Academy, establishing neighborhood watch programs and presenting school and daycare safety programs.

Co-worker Sgt. Don Howe says “she’s always ready to help other officers.”  Her partner, Officer Sam Kimmons says “She was born and raised in Crestview and she cares deeply for her community.”   Officer Hulion says, “I do the job because I like helping people…I like working with the kids.  Anything community oriented, I’m all about.”

March Officer of the Month

Investigator Kelly Henderson is assigned to the Crimes Against Children Section and is tasked to investigate the most difficult cases a law enforcement officer can encounter. In 2017, she investigated 55 Child Abuse cases, four unattended deaths, two homicides, one home invasion robbery, 23 sexual batteries (20 involved child victims) and 16 Lewd/Lascivious molestation cases all involving children, some as young as three years old.

In November she was tasked as the lead investigator in one of the most difficult cases in recent memory, the murder of three-year-old girl. Kelly’s tenacity and ability to remain focused and calm, while under extreme pressure, directly lead to the solving of this case and the quick arrest of all guilty parties.  Her astonishing intellect and ability to recall information and convey facts in a convincing and understandable manner directly led to first-degree murder indictments in the case. Investigator Henderson is hardworking, conscientious, and sincere and gives 100% of herself in all endeavors. She makes sound decisions and takes the initiative to take on the most difficult investigations. Kelly is the epitome of our profession. She is a great representative of what an investigator should be to the community.

February Officer of the Month

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s K-9 Deputy Cutler Peterson is this month’s Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month.  This past October 13, Deputy Petersen was the first officer to arrive on the scene where a 77 year old female, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, was found by family members face down in their pool. The victim had been pulled from the pool by family and she was not breathing and had no pulse. Deputy Petersen immediately began life saving measures and the victim regained a pulse and began breathing. When medical personnel arrived, they transported the victim to Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center. Her prognosis was grim. Eleven days later, contact was made with the victim’s family who were happy to say that she was still in the hospital but was expected to make a full recovery.  If not for Deputy Petersen’s actions, the family says it could have been a different story. Deputy Petersen is being presented with his 3rd Life Saving Award and is our Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month, sponsored by Emerald Coast Harley Davidson and Coast 93.3.

January Officer of the Month

Fort Walton Beach Corporal Dustin Rosenburg is this month’s Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month. Chief Ed Ryan submitted the nomination for Corporal Rosenburg with this example of dedication. In early November, a visitor from Gainesville was in Fort Walton Beach and became a victim of a robbery in which all his money was stolen. Attempts of find transportation failed and effectively stranded the individual in the area with no way to return home. Chief Ed Ryan says when Corporal Rosenburg learned of the victim’s plight, the Corporal purchased a Greyhound Bus ticket for the victim using his own money to make sure the victim could return safely to his family.  Chief Ryan points out that the job description of a police officer does not include using personal resources to assist a crime victim.  And so, because of his dedication, compassion to others, and a true servant attitude, Corporal Dustin Rosenburg is our Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month, sponsored by Emerald Coast Harley Davidson, with Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers and Coast 93.3.


December Officer of the Month

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff John Armstrong is this month’s Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month.  After a career and retiring from the US Air Force, Deputy John Armstrong began a second career and was employed by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in October of 1985. He served as a patrolman as well as worked traffic enforcement. He was promoted to Sergeant over Patrol and was then promoted to Lieutenant over a Patrol Shift before retiring in September of 2008. Though he retired in 2008 he continued to volunteer with the OCSO and donated countless hours to his community and the agency. In 2009, he came out of retirement to once again work as a deputy sheriff where he continues to serve today. His dedication is seldom paralleled. He is a devoted husband, father and deputy. He continues to be an asset to the agency and community he serves for well over 32 years.  Congratulations to Deputy John Armstrong, from Emerald Coast Harley Davidson, Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers and Coast 93.3.


November Officer of the Month

Walton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Harold Shover is this month’s Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month. Deputy Shover has been a law enforcement officer for almost 15 years and has served in the crime prevention, aviation, and honor guard units.  He has been actively involved with Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers for nearly 5 years now and not only serves as the Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers Walton County Sheriff’s office law enforcement liaison, but he regularly attends Crime Stoppers meetings and community events.  Deputy Shover is now a school resource officer promoting the student crime stoppers program and working to keep schools safe. For his dedication to Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers and the citizens of Walton County, Deputy Harold Shover is our Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month, sponsored by Emerald Coast Harley Davidson and Coast 93.3.


October Officer of the Month

We recognize Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Officer Sergeant Jason Folley as this month’s honoree.  Sergeant Folley has been a strong advocate for the Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers Student Program while serving as the Bruner Middle School School Resource Officer.  He worked with school administrators to creatively promote the program in different ways, such as designing business size cards to hand out to kids. And gave numerous presentations to students about how to provide an anonymous tip. He was recently promoted to Sergeant and is now a shift supervisor on patrol. Each day Sergeant Folley comes to work he truly has the intention of making a difference in the lives of those with whom he comes in contact. For his dedication to the students at Bruner Middle School, Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers and the citizens of Okaloosa County. Congratulations, and Thank you to Sergeant Folley, the Coast 93.3 Officer of the Month, sponsored by Emerald Coast Harley Davidson and coordinated through Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers.




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